Saturday, March 14, 2020

Essay on Goal

Essay on Goal Essay on Goal Essay on Goal What is your Wildly Important Goal?Wildly Important Goal could be formulated from different perspectives. In the video, the professional perspective is considered in the first place. From the professional point of view, a Wildly Important Goal for me is to be an outstanding marketer of sports in Qatar. From personal point of view, my Wildly Important Goal is to achieve self-realization and self-actualization in my professional life and in my family life. More precisely, from personal point of view the Wildly Important Goal is to find an optimal work-family balance so that I would be able to realize my personal and professional abilities to the maximum, serve the community and at the same time make the members of my family happy. WHO do you want to be? The answer to this question is closely linked to the Wildly Important Goal. I want to be a successful person whose personal and professional life is optimally balanced. I want to be the man who makes the community better, healthier and happier through marketing sports to people, and at the same time a responsible and caring spouse and parent who can bring happiness to the lives of family members. While the video demonstrates mostly professional goals and objectives, I believe that it is wildly important to live in balance and to give enough attention both to professional and to personal life; otherwise, the fullness of life is lost. So in my opinion, it is not possible to formulate own Wildly Important Goal in terms of one sphere of life only. Can Project Management help you achieve your Goals?Project Management is a multifaceted discipline that will definitely help me achieve my Goals. First of all, Project Management offers a number of models and techniques that will help me plan my career and advance in marketing. Project Management is very good for professional growth because it shows how to use resources effectively, how to assess the viability of plans and forecasts and how to adjust plans and resources in a dynamic environment. These approaches are also very efficient for self-development. Using Project Management knowledge, I will be able to manage time better, to improve own performance and to become more resilient and flexible. In addition, these skills will help me achieve a balance between professional and personal life, which is also part of my goal.

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