Friday, January 31, 2020

Professional Ethics Essay Example for Free

Professional Ethics Essay I believe Gail would not report this event to her superiors or discipline her subordinates. She would not make any amends or take action because of the lack of moral courage or strength she possesses since it takes big courage to raise a voice for the prisoners. She lacks this moral courage because of the integrity, vision and personal independence which make up the courage in an individual. Gail needs to have a good moral courage in order to do the right thing. Even if she realized the dilemma faced by the prisoners who were manhandled, she did not possess the courage to complain about this treatment being given to the prisoners. In other words, she lacked integrity in doing the right thing. Because of this weak personal integrity on her part, Gail didn’t feel courageous enough to report about this event. Since vision comes from having seen the actions of others and their consequences, Gail’s vision contributed to her weak moral character with no courage. She saw that the soldiers who had previously reported for the abuse were disciplined themselves first or were not listened to by the superiors. Moreover, one of them had to leave his home town and live the rest of his life with another identity. This led to form weak moral character in her personality. Because of no personal independence she didn’t feel independent enough to make the report to the seniors. She had been taken from the CPA firm to serve in the USA army which doesn’t seem to be her independent decision. Moreover, the consequences she had witnessed of those who reported before didn’t give her courage to report about the matter.

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